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No Nine Lives

Down to One

24 May
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Name: Reeve
Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hometown: Kalm Town
History: Born into a simple family, and a simple life, Reeve grew up mainly in Kalm Town. Not far at all from Midgar, of course. His life was a loving one, and he knew only love in his small town. And it was at first, he had aspirations to see the smiles of others, mostly children; he loved to make toys. His first, and most fond one was the beginnings of an animatronic cat, Cait Sith, though a bit... not fully functional, this early in Reeve's life. Still, it was hist pride and joy.

And yet, he desired to do something more than just silly cats. He wanted... to make a difference, and help others still. So, he desired to get involved with plans to help Midgar and other places grow. To help the citizens that were so being overlooked. So he worked on his education when he was about 20, and in the midst of this time, he met a young lady named Cassandra. Frail, but ever so lively as she could be in her delicate state and body. But her mind was hardly that way, and she was always smiling, always loving. When Reeve became 22, he and Cassandra were wed just briefly before he became involved in the Urban Development department -- though at this time, not yet the head of the department.

At 23, Reeve became a father -- with a price. At giving birth, Cassandra passed away; though much in grief, Reeve was also proud to have a young son, named Daniel. Though as it was, having family while being part of ShinRa was... difficult. Not particularly something Jack ShinRa was fond of; having family would, so to speak, 'distract' an employee. By one of the other co-workers, Reeve was informed this. Though he did not understand why anyone would have just a belief, he kept Daniel a secret throughout the years, quietly helping the boy to grow.

In the midst of raising a child and working on the development of Midgar and wherever else needed, Reeve has also been working on the hobby of toymaking -- particularly Cait Sith, who he is working on completing, mostly for the sole entertainment for his young son.

Currently, Reeve has entered the position of Head of Urban Development just recently. Cait Sith has yet to be completed, as it is only a side project of his, and he keeps his son, Daniel, as a secret as much as possible from the eyes of ShinRa. Though he lives in Midgar, he lives away on one of the plates, keeping his personal business from ShinRa as much as possible.
Current status: Currently the Head of Urban Development. Though Reeve had been part of developing the plates for Midgar, his initial thoughts were to be proud of the development. However, looking back on it, he does realize that, unfortunately, the citizens below have been overlooked. In his eyes, he wishes to do good for all people, not just a selection. While he is happy to have been able to help some people, he's starting to feel some regret for those living in the slums. Perhaps he hopes to still make a difference, even if his morals are looked up as jokes ShinRa...


Just a profile for an RP. :D